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...for everyone who lets Furry Feet TV provide them with an unmatched service in the world of multimedia

Welcome to Furry Feet TV

We take pride in providing a complete multimedia service for businesses of all sizes

Multimedia Services


VIDEO Production & Support

Not only do we produce videos with a hint of flare and fun, we are able to accommodate any budget. We also make sure your videos work for your business. More...


COTSWOLD TV Features & Promotion

We produce Local TV here in the Cotswolds, Cotswold TV. Supporting local communities and charities and putting your business videos amongst them. More...


STUDIO Come On In!

Professional studio videos need a professional studio to shoot them in. Make sure your image looks as good as it should in our Walk In Studio. More...


BUY ONLINE Furry Feet TV & Cotswold TV

From making payments for Studio time and editing to Cotswold TV keyrings - pay online! Enter the Online Store

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Word from the Studio

  • After creating the business known today as Furry Feet TV back in 1999 we have grown into a pro-active, constantly evolving team that I'm proud to head up. Our diverse team bring the perfect combination to create some great media. At the heart of our approach we strive to keep things light, modern and innovative with good old fashioned business values.


    Tom Wakefield - Producer

  • I admire our soft approach with putting people at ease with being on Camera. It doesn't come naturally to everyone to be in front of a camera and we find the most outgoing of people turn into little lambs in front of one. We'll hold your hand - don't worry!


    Rowena Perkins - Presenter

  • Everyone's projects are so different and a good cup of tea and a chat is the easiest way to get any project off the ground - give us a call


    Colin Wakefield - Project Co-Ordinator & Cameraman

  • Cotswold TV is a great platform for showing off the videos we make to a local audience. Sometimes it can be really hard to get people to see your video and our unique offering with running a local TV station is a great place to start!


    Abbie-Jaye Wilson - Editor

Some Video Case Studies

Some of the brands we work with